Cindy Evelyn

Ms Cindy Evelyn in a light corridor
BSc(Hons) Melbourne

Ms Cindy Evelyn joined the Centre for Dynamic Imaging in 2018 to assist researchers in performing experiments involving widefield and confocal microscopy.

After undergraduate studies in physics, Ms Evelyn undertook her Honours year at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. Through her work on blood stage malaria invasion with Dr Kelly Rogers, Professor Alan Cowman and Dr Lachlan Whitehead, Ms Evelyn gained expertise in live cell fluorescent microscopy. 

She now collaborates with researchers at the Institute to work on blood stage malaria invasion using state-of-the-art microscopy techniques, including lattice light sheet microscopy. She is also available to help microscope users in experiment design and microscope operation for widefield and confocal microscopy.

Areas of expertise

  • Widefield and confocal microscopy
  • Live cell imaging
  • Blood stage malaria development
  • Cell culture