Nina Tubau Ribera

Photograph of Nina Tubau Ribera
Bioimage Analyst
MCS Lyon

Ms Nina Tubau Ribera joined the Centre for Dynamic Imaging in 2019 to develop novel image analysis pipelines using deep learning.

During her Masters in Computer Science, Ms Ribera undertook a six-month internship at WEHI. Through her work on microscopy image reconstruction using computational methods such as deep learning with Dr Kelly Rogers and Dr Lachlan Whitehead, Ms Tubau Ribera gained expertise in bioimage analysis.

She now collaborates with researchers at WEHI to develop automated image analysis pipelines tailored to individuals. She investigates and evaluates new software solutions and makes recommendations about the most appropriate tools for processing, visualisation and analysis of large multidimensional data.

Areas of expertise

  • Deep learning
  • Image analysis
  • Data visualisation
  • Data processing pipelines
  • Software development