Dr Pradeep Rajasekhar

Dr Rajasekhar is photographed in a corridor with an illuminated background
Bioimage Analyst
BTech Kerala MS Swinburne PhD Monash

Dr Rajasekhar brings interdisciplinary skills and perspective to the bioimage analysis team. 

He trained as a biochemical engineer before his interest in biology motivated him to train in biomedical research.

He completed his PhD in drug discovery biology at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences under Dr Daniel Poole and Dr Nicholas Veldhuis. He characterised the expression of key receptors and ion channels in the gut using confocal microscopy. As part of this role, he developed bespoke image analysis pipelines using open-source software, such as FIJI and Python. He pursued a postdoctoral role in the same lab, where he led the bioimage analysis component of an industry-funded project that dealt with characterising the cellular environment within the gut wall. He engaged with key stakeholders to ensure successful outcomes.

Dr Rajasekhar understands the whole bioimaging research workflow; from wetlab experiments and image acquisition to image processing, data analysis and interpretation in the specific biological context. He collaborates closely with researchers and external users to implement reproducible scientific bioimage analysis workflows for a variety of projects.