Dr Niall Geoghegan

Dr Niall Geoghegan standing in a light corridor
Lattice light sheet specialist
MEng PhD Glasgow

Dr Niall Geoghegan joined the Centre for Dynamic Imaging in 2016 to construct and develop the Institute’s lattice light sheet imaging capabilities. A passion for integrating biology and engineering in the development of new technologies is central to Dr Geoghegan’s career.

After training in electronic engineering Dr Geoghegan completed a PhD in biomedical engineering. During his PhD he developed advanced time-resolved fluorescence imaging platforms to interrogate various aspects of membrane biophysics. He later undertook a postdoc position with Professor Jon Cooper at the University of Glasgow, working on the integration of photonic and acoustic technologies for medical diagnostics.

Dr Geoghegan now works with researchers at the Institute to capitalise on the unprecedented level of visual detail available with light sheet-based technology.

Areas of expertise

  • Optical system design and engineering
  • Lattice light sheet microscopy
  • Confocal and widefield technology
  • Time-resolved fluorescence methods: FCS, FLIM, FRAP
  • Live cell imaging