Associate Professor Kelly Rogers

Associate Professor Kelly Rogers standing in a light corridor
Laboratory Head, Centre for Dynamic Imaging Manager
PhD Griffith

As head of the Centre for Dynamic Imaging Associate Professor Kelly Rogers leads a multi-disciplinary team of scientists who have expertise in molecular biology, physics, engineering and mathematics.

A major focus of her lab is to foster innovation in 3- and 4-dimensional microscopy, which can help researchers dissect key questions in human disease research.

Associate Professor Rogers completed a PhD in the Genomics Research Centre at Griffith University before joining the Molecular Embryology Unit at Institut Pasteur, Paris in 2002. As a postdoctoral trainee she established a unique microscopy platform and genetically encoded Ca2+ sensors for studying neural network connectivity. 

Associate Professor Rogers returned to Australia in 2009 to establish the Centre for Dynamic Imaging at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. In 2017, she was appointed Laboratory Head to help drive the next wave of multidimensional imaging techniques and their application to studies of infection, immune cell function and cancer.

Areas of expertise

  • Confocal microscopy
  • Ca2+ imaging
  • Lattice light sheet microscopy
  • Super-resolution microscopy – 3D SIM
  • Preclinical imaging – fluorescence, bioluminescence and micro-CT